What We Do

event venue

Venue Selection & Negotiation

Where you choose to host your conference might be the most important decision you make.


  • Do you have enough meeting space?
  • How early can you access the venue to start setting up?
  • How much wifi bandwidth do you need?


Tall Girl can help you select the best space based on your conference's needs.

event sponsorship

Speaker & Sponsor Management

Relevant and engaging content is key to any conference. Tall Girl will work with you to secure the right speakers for your program.


With years of experience managing speakers, schedules, collecting presentations, logistics, and travel, Tall Girl will take the stress out of organizing speakers so you can enjoy the show! 

badge scanning

Registration & Data Collection

Details, details, and data!


Attendee registration is usually the first touch-point to your conference and a huge opportunity to make a great first impression. No one wants to struggle through cumbersome registration forms or arrive on event day and discover their information isn't on the list. 

Tall Girl knows the systems and has experience implementing a smooth registration process that will delight attendees and collect rich data that you can use for follow-up surveys and to market future events. 

event production

Virtual Production

Whether it be for an AGM, trade show, multi-breakout style conference, or networking reception there are thousands of ways and platforms to host events and conferences on-line.


Let Tall Girl inventory your needs and then guide you through options that make sense for you and your company.


Furthermore, Tall Girl works closely with reputable production suppliers that can help your event come to life.

event management

Event Management

By collaborating with clients to turn their vision into reality is what Tall Girl strives for every time; because your success is our success.